There are numerous ways by which you can create beautiful Christmas gift boxes at home. You can also make them look exceptionally great. You can create gift boxes from the archive boxes you have at your home. It could be made of paper or fabric.

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Grab an Old Shoe Box or Some TP rolls for a DIY Christmas Gift Box

For example, you can decorate your old shoebox into a beautiful Christmas gift box by adding a little makeover. You can also use a TP Roll to come up with some attractive designs and shapes that will give your perfect DIY gift box for Christmas Eve. You can also come up with colours and themes for your gift boxes like the Santa-Claus theme or snowflakes theme that can be done using printed sheets or with a little origami.

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DIY Gift Boxes are Fun, Easy, Inexpensive and Lovely

The best part of making DIY gift boxes is that it makes your Christmas preparations a lot more fun and interesting. Also, you get to give a personal gift to your loved ones that are filled with your love that no shop can offer. Another significant benefit is that they are simple and inexpensive that makes your efforts cost-effective as well. You can recycle your archive boxes in your home into beautiful Christmas gift boxes. You can also involve your kids into the show.

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Here are some quirky and fun to do Christmas Gift Box ideas that you can do it yourself at home.

Make a Traditional Paper Box

Let us start with the traditional ideas of making a simple paper moving box. You can find some video tutorials on YouTube that will show you how to make simple paper boxes. Add some origami designs using fabrics like hessian to make it more attractive. Choose a theme or do some drawing on it. Splash with the colours of your choice or stick cute shapes bells and Disney characters. These simple paper boxes can be used to store small household articles like pins, clips, toffees, little gifts and much more. All you need is some papers, preferably colourful or patterned, scissors, glue and your preferred decorative items. Have a tiny little jewel you want to gift your loved one? These boxes will be the right choice.

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Make Bigger Christmas Gift Boxes using Archive Boxes

You can also dig into your basement to find some storage boxes or paper cups or some carton boxes that you can convert into Christmas gift boxes. Print any shape of your choice on paper and use it as a guide to cut your preferred heart shaped or oval shaped box and more. Print smaller shapes of different colours, smileys and more, cut and stick them to decorate your gift box to your heart’s content! You can do these boxes in different shapes just with boxes or paper cups, scissors and a few bakers twine. You can make bigger boxes that can be used to store bigger gifts, bunch of chocolates, sweets, cookies, nuts or any other gift. They will also go well with your party theme!

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TP Roll Pyramid Gift Box

You can also staple your TP rolls in each end on opposite directions to create an amazing “Pyramid” shaped Christmas gift box. Paint it or wrap it on colour papers and cover the sides to give a finished look. You can always choose how you would want to decorate them and make them suit the occasion.

Use Transparent Sheets To Add A Window View

You can add little transparency in tour gift box by cutting out the front portion of it and replacing it with an OHP or plain plastic sheet. It will be a great idea if you are planning to gift someone a doll set.

Recycle Anything And Everything Into A Gift Box

You can recycle anything from mason jars to egg cartons and shoe boxes to just come up with a beautiful box of your choice. All you need to do it you’re your creative spirits high to decorate them into a whole new item. You can also put your little one’s favourite toys into one of these gift boxes and wrap it up to on a similar toy team to get them more excited!

Egg cartons can be used to make a Treasure box to keep little treasures of your loved one.

Make Some Matchbox Draws

You can also make matchbox drawers that are easy and quick. Stacked drawers are a great solution for small gifts like a mini sewing kit or a stationary set. You can decorate these boxes using fabrics to give a smooth look. Printed papers are a good choice for thematic decorations.

So there are a bunch of ideas out there that will help you convert your archive boxes into beautiful gift boxes. Give it the time, and patience and your Christmas fun are definitely going to be skyrocketing high!

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